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This plant is one of the greatest healing herb in the world. Yarrow is a well known plant to the people.
It is commonly used as a tea when it comes to an inflammation or flu.
Yarrow helps with:
•    Migraine
•    Reduces high blood pressure
•    Treated varicose veins
•    Relieves menstrual pain
•    Purified urinary system
•    Relieves stomach and intestines pain
•    Promotes better digestion
•    Helps with bloating
•    Stimulates appetite
•    Lowers temperature

How to use yarrow?
1.   As a tea: 1 l warm (boiling) water
                   20 g yarrow flowers
-    Pour yarrow with boiling water and leave it to act at least 10 min. You can drink immediately, or when it cool down.
-    As a tea is excellent when you have menstrual pain or stomach and intestines cramps.

2.    Yarrow bath: 1 l hot water
                          100 g yarrow
-    Pour water all over yarrow and leave it for 10 min. Then infuse bath-water with yarrow product.
This bath is excellent with menstrual problems, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infection and skin infections. -> For better results, sit in bath 15-20 min

3.    Yarrow wraps:
-  The remains of tea can be used as linings. Put on fabric remains of yarrow, place it on desired area and wrap it with bandage.
-  Another way is to buy essential oil in pharmacy or online. Yarrow essential oil has blue color.
Put on fabric 15 drops of essential oil, place it on desired area and wrap it with bandage.
This is way easier and better.
Yarrow wraps are helpful if you have problems with varicose veins.

How to collect yarrow?
Yarrow grows everywhere: backyards, fields, forests, gardens etc.
You can identify yarrow by white flowers, its height and leaves are light green. Yarrow flowers from June to September. Its recommended to collect yarrow in the afternoon, because sun stimulates secretion of essential oils.
When you harvest yarrow, cut it into 30-40 cm below the flower, tied it up in bundles and hang it in dark and dry place.
It take about one week to dry, then store dry yarrow in a paper bag or airtight jars.

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