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Sweden Bitter is an old recipe for the treatment of various diseases and ailments, it dates from the 15th century. It was perfected in 18th century by the Swedish doctor Klaus Samst. In modern days Maria Treben describes in her own book (Health through God’s pharmacy), how useful is Sweden bitter.
Sweden bitter is a mixture of a variety of plants (24-34 plants), which are verified medicinal properties and in combination give amazing creation which helps with healing all types of diseases.
The plants are mixed with alcohol, preferably with brandy and after some time mixture turns into liquor with bitter taste.
Some plants are difficult to find in nature, especially if you do not know about their types and sub types, and it can become quite hard to find them.

Dried herbs you can buy in pharmacies, and at home just mix plants with alcohol, or you can purchase already finished liquor and immediately enjoy the medicinal product.
Plants that you can find in Sweden Bitter are:
- Angelica root (Eng. Angelica, Garden Angelica, Wild Parsnip) (Lat. Herba Angelicae silvestris-radix)
- Pitch of Manna ash (Eng. Manna ash, South European flowering ash) (Lat. Fraxinus ornus )
- Natural camphor (Eng. camphor tree, camphor wood or camphor laurel) (Lat. Cinnamomum camphorae)
- Aloe powder (Eng. Aloe Vera)  (lat. Aloe Barbadensis M.)
- Rhubarb root (Eng. Rhubarb) (Lat. Rheum Rhabarbarum L.)
- Senna leaves (Eng. Senna) (Lat. Cassia Angustifolia)
- Venetian teriyaki (a mixture of 10 aromatic herbs into powder) (Lat. Panacea Theriace)
- Rhizome of turmeric (Eng. Turmeric) (Lat. Curcuma longa)
- Resin of Myrrh (Eng. Myrrh) (Lat. Commiphora myrhha)
- Root of silver thistle (Eng. stemless carline thistle, dwarf carline thistle, silver thistle) (Lat. Carlina acaulis)
- Stigmas of saffron (Eng. Saffron) (Lat. Crocus sativus)


Sweden Bitter helps with the following diseases:
-    Stimulates the metabolism
-    Reduces pain in stomach and intestines, take 1 tablespoon in the morning 
-    Reduces severe headaches
-    Lowers fewer
-    Helps with spasm and cramps, use this product every night before sleep. When you go to sleep your body is repairing itself, and Sweden bitter helps with healing.
-    Wounds and scars, place bitter on wound (or scar) every few hour, about 1 week. Bitter heals wounds without leaving scar, and removing even an old scar.
-    Toothache, place a small piece of fabric dipped in Sweden bitter and leaves all night long. Remove in the morning and if it is necessary repeat again.
-    Inflamed throat, drink bitter when you start to feel cramps in throat, in morning and evening. One tablespoon each time.
-    Helps when you have hemorrhoids, you can even drink bitter or you can place a compress dipped in bitter at night, right before you go to sleep.
-    Sweden bitter is known for recovering body from infections, recommendation is to drink every day, morning or evening one tablespoon of bitter to boost metabolism and strength immunity system.

If you don’t want to collect herbs on your own, you can buy it in the pharmacy. If you buy dried herbs you must mix them at your own and wait for them to turn into the liquor. Proceeding takes three weeks.
For your own, here are all the necessary things you will need:
1 pack of Sweden bitter (dried herbs)
1 bottle of brandy or Vodka
1 big jar (from pickles, about 2 liters/70 fluid ounces)
1 empty glass bottle (use at the end of procedure)

First put herbs in the jar, then mix with brandy (also don’t forget - Venetian teriyaki (a mixture of 10 aromatic herbs into powder)). Stir up all together and put in some dry and dark place.
It’s necessary to stir every day about two times, for three weeks.
After that strain the mixture and pour it in to empty glass bottle and use bitter every day to boost your health.

But if you don’t have time for home made bitter, you can always buy a final product in pharmacy.

It’s good to consult with doctor before using a Sweden bitter for sake of your own health if you have some allergy reaction on some of those herbs.
Bringing another attention, it’s not recommended in pregnancy and during breast feed, because it is mixture with alcohol (brandy or vodka), and it’s not very recommendable to give to small kids under 6 years this bitter. For older kids enough is one small tablespoon once a day.

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