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JUNIPER BERRY (lat.Juniperus communis...croatian Borovica)

Juniper belong to the family of cypress.It is widespread throughout Europe, western and norther Asia and North Africa and North America.
Junipers vary in size and shape from tall trees, 20–40 m tall, to columnar or low spreading shrubs with long trailing branches.
The female seed cones are very distinctive, fruit-like coalescing scales which fuse together to form a "berry"-like structure,
4–27 mm long with 1–10 an winged, hard-shelled seeds.

Juniper was used since  Biblical time.
Greeks and Romans are used as a medicine like antidote for poisonous animal bites.
In Europe in medieval time juniper was one of the most important medicinal plants.
Juniper branches were burned and they ashes was used for healing. Mixed ashes  with wine like a diuretic  and mixed with water was cure for cough and plague.


 Juniper berries are a spice used in a wide variety of culinary dishes and best known for the primary flavoring in gin,beers, wines.
 For seasoning food as a spice dry berries are added to plate of fish, hams, sausages, various sauce,marinades,veal, rabbit, venison and other meat dishes.

Juniper primarily affects

 URINARY- At the place to which they can not penetrate not antibiotics penetrate juniper.
  In the urinary ways in which there are a variety of inflammatory foci caused by the bacterium E. coli juniper as a urinary antiseptic is a true cure, and the results are quick and safe.
  juniper is expressed in all diseases in which by bacteria, as nephritis, cystitis, pielitis, etc.
  The intestinal flora destroys putrefactive bacteria, and bacteria develops boiling resulting in detoxification of the intestine, or the whole organism.
BE CAREFUL -If you have kidney inflammation you can not use juniper because it can  cause bleeding and the appearance of protein in the urine.
                    Pregnant women and children should not even use the products of juniper.
RESPIRATORY SYSTEM -Juniper soothe the cough,colds, bronchitis and asthma.

DETOX- juniper cleans the blood of toxins and thus acts as a detox or blood purifier.

DIGESTION- stimulates appetite promotes and regulates improper digestion and promotes better work the stomach and intestines.Reduces the amount of gastric acid increased.
                  Juniper can  remove of gases from the intestines. It effectively removes gases through the downward passage and does not let additional gases form. Juniper oil is also very good for those who are suffering from chronic gas trouble.
BLOOD AND BLOOD VESSELS- removes harmful substance from the blood and helps with diabetes, excessive blood pressure, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and atherosclerosis.

BONES AND JOINTS- reduces pain and help with reduces pain and help with rheumatism, arthritis.
SKIN- disinfects the skins and helps with wound, irritated skin,eczema, rash and acne.

SYRUP -for the treatment of respiratory    
  500 g Juniper berry,
   3 l  water,
 Boil the juniper berry in water for 5-7min. After that mush it and once again boil , add water if is necessary.
 Boiled mass press through a sieve and when cool it, than add honey, so to form a syrup.
 Syrup charge in bottles with wide neck.
 Instructions: Children are taken three times per one teaspoon, one hour before meals, and the older two teaspoons, one hour before meals, three times a day.

 TEA - for all of the above mentioned diseases
 1 teaspoon of crushed juniper berries,
 2 ml of water
Preparation: Juniper berry pour boiling water, cover, let sit for 15 minutes and drain.
Instructions: Drink in all of these diseases, three times a day for one cup, before meals.

 2-3 hand crushed juniper berries,
 7.5 dl cognac or brandy
 Preparation: Berries apply in water for three weeks and every day shake flask. Strain.
Instructions: Take once or twice a week for 15-20 drops of the sugar cubes, or with water, tea or juice.
Tincture is good for massage.
Therapy with fresh juniper tree - for all of diseases first day chew one fruit juniper, 2nd day two, the third day three, day four fourth, fifth day five or so every single day longer until the 16th day when we take one less fruit , that is 14 on 17 day 13 and so on until one of the fruit.
Taking: Berries good chew, swallow saliva and spit seeds. What is better and longer chewing increases the effect.


THYME-lat.Thymus serpyllum..cro.Timijan

Thyme is used in culinary and medicinal purposes for decades.      
It is a  member of the mint family.
This aromatic herb is loaded with phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Greeks- in Greek, means  courage, the warriors used thyme for the face washing before going in battle, considering it source of courage.
Egyptions- used thyme for purpose embalming.
Romans- thyme was consumed to prevent poisoning, they put it in baths to stop the effects of poisoning once it already happened.

Thyme plants are easy to grow and do not take lot of room.
It is small bush plant, grow high about 10-30cm and have half-lie down stems.
The flowers open in spring and summer sprinkling the plant with two-lipped blossom.

Benefits health:

* Treats Respiratory organs
   Antiseptic and antibiotic properties of thyme,
   cures infections in chest and throat, bronchitis, whooping cough,
   sore throat,chronic asthma, colds, blocked sinuses or seasonal allergies...

* Lower Blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  Stimulating the production of red blood cells, thereby boosting your body’s circulations and stress on heart.
  thyme extract was also show to reduce cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL levels while increasing HDL level.
* Kills Bacteria and infections
  Thymol in thyme prevent different varieties of bacteria and fungi.
  Kills infections on skin and in the body.

* Oral health
   The antibacterial properties-kills germs in mouth and in one of ingredients in most mouthwashes.

* Hormones balances
   Relieves menopause and PMS symptoms.  
* Detox  properties
   Thyme oil is great diuretic which assists the body in getting rid of excess salts, water and other toxins by increasing urination.

* Prevents food poisoning and it is good for digestive system.

* Relaxes the mind and body
   Treats stress and restlessness and relaxes body.
* Health skin
   Treats eczema,heals wounds,cuts,acne,scars, burns and rashes.
   Protects skin from bacteria and fungal infections.

Beauty tips:


Thyme face toner calms face skins and is effective at treating acne.

How to make it:
Sterilize your glass jar,place 1 Tablespoon of dried thyme and fill with jojoba oil.
Let it steep for 2 weeks in a cool dark place and shaking daily.
Strain the thyme from the oil and apply to your skin.


10 g Thyme
1 dcl warm water

In bowl put warm water and Thyme and let it sit overnight.
Than strain.
You can use like for mouthwashes,or for cleaning and refreshing skin on your face.

Health tips:

Thyme is very good for healing colds,calm a cough,sore trouts......


 500 ml water,
 10  springs fresh thyme
  fresh ginger root
 1 cup  honey
 1 lemon juice
 cayenne pepper


 In pot put water, thyme, chopped ginger root and let it boil.
 Simmer the herbs in water until reduced by half.
 Cool it down until the temperature is warm not hot, strain, discard the thyme and ginger.
 Whits it honey, lemon juice and cayenne pepper.
 Transfer to jar and keep in a dark for 1 week, after that it should be stored in the refrigerator.


20g fresh Thyme
1 dcl 70% alcohol

In glass jar put fresh Thyme and pour alcohol than close lid on jar, keep it 2 weeks on dark place.
After 2 weeks strain and pour tinctura in dark glass little bottle.

Use 2-3 teaspoon Thyme tinctura mix in 1 dcl water.


1 tablespoon dried Thyme
2 dcl boilt water

In teacup put Thyme and pour over with boiled water let it cover stands about 30 minute than strain.
You can drink 4 cup tea daily.




My new twist of banana frappe...


 2 bananas
 250 ml milk
 2 tablespoons Agave syrup
 3 tablespoon Chia seeds

 Mix all the ingredients in blender and blend.


Smoothies are a quick, easy way to start day.


  1 banana
  200 ml yogurt
  2 teaspoons chia seeds
  1 teaspoon goya seeds
  1 teaspoons aronia seeds-dry
  2 teaspoons peanuts
  1 teaspoons figs-dry
  1 teaspoons raisins

  Throw all the ingredients into a blender.
  Blend until smooth.




Asparagus belongs to the family of lilies and is valued for its therapeutic properties.

Grows- from early April to May.
Asparagus will only live in full sun or close to it.
You can find it near small tree and even briar patches.

Nutritional Valut- source of minerals, vitamins and essential proteins.

* vitamin A     * iron
* vitamin B1    * calcium
* vitamin B2    * phosphorous
* vitamin B3    * magnesium
* vitamin B5    * zinc
* vitamin B6    * selenium
* folate          * potassium
* vitamin C
* vitamin E
* vitamin K

Health Benefits

* Helps to maintaining healthy levels of homocysteine.
* pregnancy- high folate in asparagus is for neuronal growth of the fetus.
* PMS- an asparagus extract can be used for easing pre- menstrual bloating.
* Aids in maintaining healthy levels of blood sugar.
* Helps cure urinary tract infections.
* Aids in curing epilepsy.
* Cancer prevention-the saponins obtained from asparagus possess anti-cancer.
* Helps prevent and dissolve kidney stones.
* Improves homones levels and helps cure male and female sexual disorders.
* Reduced risk of stomach cancer and allergies.
* Helps in reducing the risk of chronic health ailments including type 2 diabetes.
* Effective in curing hangovers.
* Rheumatism-help relieve the pain and ease the overall poor functioning in the body
  associated with arthritis.
* Helps in curing bronchitis and tuberculosis.
* Good remedy for curing anxiety and stress.

Asparagus few side effect
* gas
* can cause allergies to same people who are allergic to onion, leeks other members of lily family.
* urine smell- our bodies convert asparagus acid into sulfur-containing chemicals that stink.

Break asparagus each spear 15 cm from the top.Plunge you prepared asparagus into a pan of boiling water.
Cook for 2-4 minutes or until tender. Remove the asparagus with a slotted spoon and place directly in cold water.
In bowl put asparagus add hard boil eggs cut in slice.Pour vinegar in bowl, salt, pepper and gently stir.


Break  asparagus  15 cm from top and boil in water for 2-4 minutes,then cool it in cold water.
Meanwhile melt butter in a small pan and scramble the eggs and add asparagus fry cook about 3 minute.

This plant is one of the greatest healing herb in the world. Yarrow is a well known plant to the people.
It is commonly used as a tea when it comes to an inflammation or flu.
Yarrow helps with:
•    Migraine
•    Reduces high blood pressure
•    Treated varicose veins
•    Relieves menstrual pain
•    Purified urinary system
•    Relieves stomach and intestines pain
•    Promotes better digestion
•    Helps with bloating
•    Stimulates appetite
•    Lowers temperature

How to use yarrow?
1.   As a tea: 1 l warm (boiling) water
                   20 g yarrow flowers
-    Pour yarrow with boiling water and leave it to act at least 10 min. You can drink immediately, or when it cool down.
-    As a tea is excellent when you have menstrual pain or stomach and intestines cramps.

2.    Yarrow bath: 1 l hot water
                          100 g yarrow
-    Pour water all over yarrow and leave it for 10 min. Then infuse bath-water with yarrow product.
This bath is excellent with menstrual problems, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infection and skin infections. -> For better results, sit in bath 15-20 min

3.    Yarrow wraps:
-  The remains of tea can be used as linings. Put on fabric remains of yarrow, place it on desired area and wrap it with bandage.
-  Another way is to buy essential oil in pharmacy or online. Yarrow essential oil has blue color.
Put on fabric 15 drops of essential oil, place it on desired area and wrap it with bandage.
This is way easier and better.
Yarrow wraps are helpful if you have problems with varicose veins.

How to collect yarrow?
Yarrow grows everywhere: backyards, fields, forests, gardens etc.
You can identify yarrow by white flowers, its height and leaves are light green. Yarrow flowers from June to September. Its recommended to collect yarrow in the afternoon, because sun stimulates secretion of essential oils.
When you harvest yarrow, cut it into 30-40 cm below the flower, tied it up in bundles and hang it in dark and dry place.
It take about one week to dry, then store dry yarrow in a paper bag or airtight jars.

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Sweden Bitter is an old recipe for the treatment of various diseases and ailments, it dates from the 15th century. It was perfected in 18th century by the Swedish doctor Klaus Samst. In modern days Maria Treben describes in her own book (Health through God’s pharmacy), how useful is Sweden bitter.
Sweden bitter is a mixture of a variety of plants (24-34 plants), which are verified medicinal properties and in combination give amazing creation which helps with healing all types of diseases.
The plants are mixed with alcohol, preferably with brandy and after some time mixture turns into liquor with bitter taste.
Some plants are difficult to find in nature, especially if you do not know about their types and sub types, and it can become quite hard to find them.

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DANDELION (lat. Taraxacum - Croatian. Maslačak - French. dent-DE-lion meaning lion's tooth)

Dandelion is very know in folk medicine from ancient time.
This yellow flower which can be found on every lawn or garden, people call cure from our garden.
We use the whole plant, their leaves, flower and roots.
Dandelion leaves are harvested in March and April, but flower and roots in April and May.

* vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin B complex,
* magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, copper and boron...