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Today is very hard to find a good product who is suitable for healthy living.
People are bombed with commercials about pharmacy products, many doctors don’t speak about alternative ways to treat diseases, and that is a problem. We have plenty of herbs and plants who are very nurturing for our health, body and mind. For example coconut oil is natural product that helps in battle for our health, killing bacteria and viruses. It has enormous nutritive value and wide spectrum of healing effect that every home should have this product at own home.

In the past, coconut was used for more than 4 000 years at pacific island and Asian countries. People there don’t have any issues with diseases, and they are living long healthy life.

This oil doesn’t have any negative effects on health, in that case is perfect for whole family.
Basically this oil is made of lauric acid (mothers have in their own milk lauric acid, and it’s really helpful for new born babies, it helps them to build brain and boost immune system)
It has antivirus and antibacterial activity which protect from many nasty diseases.
Another ingredient in coco’s oil is caprilyc acid that is responsible for building good bacterial in our digestive tract.

Coconut oil is great for following:
-    Diabetes
-    Skin issues and conditions
-    Digestive problems (Irritable colon, ulcerous colitis, chron disease)
-    Constipation
-    Fungus and parasites
-    Arthritic
-    Parkinson disease
-    Alzheimer disease
-    Boost concentration
-    Migraines and headache
-    Obesity

Also coconut oil is useful in cosmetics, especially for skin and hair. Many cosmetic industries put inside of products coconut oil as basic ingredient.
Removes wrinkles and make your skin more elastic.

Here are some tips how to use coconut oil:
Tip.No1 – 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
               1 tablespoon of jojoba oil
Mix the ingredients and massage into the hair and sculp. Leave about 1 hour to soak in.
Afterwards wash  your hair with shampoo (as usually you wash your hair) and put some coconut oil on hair ends.
Advice: This is necessary to do once a week -> after this treatment hair is soft, shiny and looks healthy.

Tip No2. – 3 tablespoons of coconut oil
                2 tablespoons of water
                5 drops of essential oil (I prefer lemon and lavender)
First is necessary to warm up coconut oil until is completely melted, and then add water. Ingredients will separate from each other, but in this period is necessary to blend it until they combine.
After that, put mixture in fridge for 5 min, then put it outside and blend it again. Do this until butter comes out from ingredients.
Pour butter in jar, and you have your own coconut butter for body treatment.

To get ready for the summer in the new sandals,the first thing on the every persons mind is a pedicure.
You can make pedicure in professional beauty salon or you can make simply at home.

Many people don't have time to go to the salon, so here are some tips to make excellent home pedicure. But first let me explain to you something about pedicure if you're not introduced in:
-    Pedicure gives to your feet nice sleek look, especially if combined with clay, Vaseline, paraffin and reflex-foot massage.
-    It's recommended once a month to get a pedicure

We must to distinguish between two types of pedicure:
1.  Spa pedicure - If you don’t have any problems with your feet and it can be done at your home.
Includes: Cleaning a feet, nail care, mask, peeling and foot massage
2.   Medical pedicure – It requires a professional pedicurist
Includes: Cuticles removal, treatment for ingrown toenails, removing corns, removal of thickened skin on heels, removing and solving nail fungus and feet massage (Reflex therapy).

At home you can make your foot bath that can help soften thickened and dry skin, an also in same time resolve bad odor. Here are some great tips:

Tip No1. – For foot bath: 3 tablespoons baking soda
                 2 table spoon of vinegar
                 2 l of warm water
Mix all ingredients and keep your feet in it about 10-20 min. 

    For feet scrub (after foot bath): 2 tablespoons of sugar (or salt, if you prefer)
                    2 tablespoons of coconut oil
                    5 drops of Lemon essential oil
Also mix all ingredients and after foot bath, rub feet with this sugar scrub, and wash with water. After that, just dry your feet in the towel.
Its better when you massage feet with coconut oil and after that put socks on.

Tip No2. – ¼ cup Listerine
                ¼ vinegar
                ½ warm water
Mix all ingredients in pot and put your feet inside of it. Let soak for 10-15 min. When done, wipe with a cloth and the dead skin will fall right off.

Tip No3: You can also buy rasp in the local market, it’s not very expensive, cost around 2-3$.
Best way to rasp your feet is after a shower, because skin is softened and easier to remove. It’s not necessary to do this after every shower, but once a week is great way to maintain a healthy skin.

Tip No4: Apart from coconut oil, comfrey is really good ointment, it also softens a skin and promotes a wound healing and skin regeneration.

*    It’s well after every shower to wipe off excess of water on your feet, to prevent the formation of fungus.
*    For natural resolving fungus on nails and feet excellent is tea tree essential oil. (lat. Melaleuca alternifolia). Drop on cotton bud tea tree essential oil and put on nail (and under the nail). Leave to soak up and act properly. This can be repeated 2-3 times per day about 20 days in a row. 
*    For the proper resolution of feet corns is necessary to wrap the foot in comfrey ointment.
On the fabric evenly greased spoon of comfrey then place it where is foot corn. Wrap it first in a plastic bag then secure with a bandage or you can even put a sock. It’s important the fabric does not move from corn spot.

If you have serious foot problems, I suggest you to visit professional pedicurist or consult with a doctor.

When trying new skincare tricks I am careful about choosing ingredients that are as natural as possible.
So green tea mask is containing natural ingredients who calm and cool face skin down.
Green tea is an antioxidant who help to repair and protect skin.
Sour cream provides moisture and smooth skin.

* 3 teaspoons green tea in bulk bag
* 1 tablespoon brown sugar
* 3 tablespoon sour cream
* bowl,spoon.

* Pour the sour cream in the bowl and add brown sugar and green tee.Mix all together.
* Apply to face and leave for 20 minute.
* Gently scrub mask in circular motions for 2 minute.
* Wash away carefully with warm water.


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A few years ago I bought jelly shower gel brand Lush, because they were all talking about it and I was thrilled.

I want to know whether I can make such a similar product, purely out of curiosity, especially because of the gelatinous structure that is a fantastic when you touch it.


The recipe goes like this:

250 ml of hot water (for gelatin to melt),

1 packet of gelatin,

150 ml shower gel (to your choice to choose),

gel food coloring,

essential oil of Lavender,


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Looking for a way to refresh your lips during the harsh weather, then you will need a homemade lip balm.
It is so easy to make and will have your lips moisturized in a matter of seconds.
I love making my own homemade beauty products because I know exactly what is going in them and I can choose natural ingredients.