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Monday, 27 March 2017 18:39


Today is very hard to find a good product who is suitable for healthy living.
People are bombed with commercials about pharmacy products, many doctors don’t speak about alternative ways to treat diseases, and that is a problem. We have plenty of herbs and plants who are very nurturing for our health, body and mind. For example coconut oil is natural product that helps in battle for our health, killing bacteria and viruses. It has enormous nutritive value and wide spectrum of healing effect that every home should have this product at own home.

In the past, coconut was used for more than 4 000 years at pacific island and Asian countries. People there don’t have any issues with diseases, and they are living long healthy life.

This oil doesn’t have any negative effects on health, in that case is perfect for whole family.
Basically this oil is made of lauric acid (mothers have in their own milk lauric acid, and it’s really helpful for new born babies, it helps them to build brain and boost immune system)
It has antivirus and antibacterial activity which protect from many nasty diseases.
Another ingredient in coco’s oil is caprilyc acid that is responsible for building good bacterial in our digestive tract.

Coconut oil is great for following:
-    Diabetes
-    Skin issues and conditions
-    Digestive problems (Irritable colon, ulcerous colitis, chron disease)
-    Constipation
-    Fungus and parasites
-    Arthritic
-    Parkinson disease
-    Alzheimer disease
-    Boost concentration
-    Migraines and headache
-    Obesity

Also coconut oil is useful in cosmetics, especially for skin and hair. Many cosmetic industries put inside of products coconut oil as basic ingredient.
Removes wrinkles and make your skin more elastic.

Here are some tips how to use coconut oil:
Tip.No1 – 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
               1 tablespoon of jojoba oil
Mix the ingredients and massage into the hair and sculp. Leave about 1 hour to soak in.
Afterwards wash  your hair with shampoo (as usually you wash your hair) and put some coconut oil on hair ends.
Advice: This is necessary to do once a week -> after this treatment hair is soft, shiny and looks healthy.

Tip No2. – 3 tablespoons of coconut oil
                2 tablespoons of water
                5 drops of essential oil (I prefer lemon and lavender)
First is necessary to warm up coconut oil until is completely melted, and then add water. Ingredients will separate from each other, but in this period is necessary to blend it until they combine.
After that, put mixture in fridge for 5 min, then put it outside and blend it again. Do this until butter comes out from ingredients.
Pour butter in jar, and you have your own coconut butter for body treatment.

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